Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy about the Sixer's play of late ... are you kiddin' me!

No ... I'm not happy with the Sixer's play of late. The public facing voices from the organization are talking positive. In Marc Narducci's article yesterday (Gritty 76ers see wins on the way) they talk about working hard, playing as a team and how they are just a hare off from winning some of the games they've been losing. In the mean time they are 0 for '08.

I bore witness to the 100-97 loss to the Bulls last Friday nite. The game was not as close as the score would indicate (Lou Williams hit a 3 to end the game and but for a late charge from Iggy the deficit would have been double digits). The Bulls were down by 18 early .. ready to lay down like the dogs they are. But the Sixers inexplicably stopped playing. There was no Herculean offensive effort by the Bulls. They did not apply some magical lock down defense. The Sixers just stopped playing. They could not do some much as run a pick in roll!

Regardless of the spin put on their recent play you can't hide what their body language is saying. Igoudala looks frustrated enough to explode. Either a teammate, a coach or some reporter will soon see a side of him we did not know existed. Lou Williams is doing more thinking than reacting. Rod Carney is still a dear in the headlights. And the dependable Jason Smith has been playing with his head down lately. Between you and me I think Smith is hitting that rookie wall. I'm sure he has never played more that 30 games in a season. The west coast road trip must have felt like a fraternity initiation to him.

All I can say is their current play in not acceptable ... ping pong balls or not. You can't convince me they're heading in the right direction. Could the loss of K squared have meant that much?

Come on Sixers ... prove me wrong ... beat the Spurs on the road 2nite.

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