Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Stefanski: 'I'm a Philly guy' ... So What?

Sixers - Stefanski: 'I'm a Philly guy'. So what? I heard a number of people comment that it's great that new GM Ed Stefanski is a "Philly Guy" or even that he will be good for the organization because he's a "Philly Guy". And sure I'm a Philly guy. I know what they mean ... passion for sports, hard work, identifying with the fans and all that jazz. But that does not automatically translate into winning. Philly hasn't exactly become synonymous with winning lately ... has it? Using "Philly Guy" as credentials for a winner don't mean JACK!

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea he's from Philly. It makes a good human interest story, but it don't make you a winner.

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

same thoughts here my friend !! "A Philly guy" !! BS !! Why didn't they sign Will Smith then ? or Bill Cosby ??

I only care that he's a good general manager and that he can finally lift this franchise... he seems to be, so I am optimistic but... last time Sixers hired a "Philly guy" and pumped him up because he was "coming back to his hometown" bla bla bla, we fired him after a winning season, and the team got back to deep shlt...

(I am talking about O' Brien of course)

Go Sixers !