Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet Lou Sparks the comeback ... but the Sixers fall short to the Raptors ... again

Sweet Lou .. that all people are talking about after last nite's game. I dare to say it was Iverson-like the way he took over the game in the 4th period. His outside shooting opened the floor and the 4 point play was spectacular. You could make a case for starting him at the 2 over Green and Carney. Iggy has no room to maneuver when the 2-headed-2-guard can't hit shots early. Teams with talented bigs like Toronto can just pack it in. But I think Mo is handling Williams the right way. It's not just about shoring up the shooting position. It's about developing the skills that will allow him to play many years in the NBA. That's means playing point guard. He's not getting any taller and that will always limit him defensively as a 2.

The Raptors are truly a scary team to watch. Everyone can shoot the 3. Bargnani has an awesome touch from beyond the arc. It's better to force him to drive to the basket rather than let 'em stand outside. Chris Bosh is a beast. His play down the stretch gave the Raptors the edge. But it was their 3 point shooting that won the game (9-18). But I can see how they have struggled for a few games. They are a little to eager to shoot the 3 and negate their size. If the 3 ball doesn't fall ... box 'em out or play a zone and they can be beaten. The Sixers could not do that last nite. But they were in the game at the end. As they have all season. So the game was worth watchin.

Lou ... Lou ... Lou cheers the crowd .... Lou shoots ... he scores ... the Wach center went wild!

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