Monday, October 29, 2007

Sixers picked to be a cellar dweller ... but I don't care

Yes, the experts are not talking about your Philadelphia 76ers. There will be no games broadcasted nationally. The Celtic three adorned the cover of ESPN the Magazine this week (sh*t eating grins all 3), and Doug Collins professesd his former team just doesn't have enough to make noise this season. The Spurs are the most likely team to win the title.

But I don't care.

Mr Snider admits its a tough sell
. I admire his guts. That's a hard thing to do in the sports world of hyperbole. But I don't care.

In truth, its make me happy. I wanted my team to be good. So I tried to believe the lies. I wanted the quick fix. Well they are not telling me those lies anymore. Your favorite basketball team just might sux this year. What do you think about that!

I don't care.

When they do succeed ... it will be because of hard work. It will be genuine. It will be worth it. But it may take a few years.

Call me crazy ... but I don't care.

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Chris said...

what a pick dude