Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can't anyone guard Nate Robinson?

To hear it on the radio webcast last nite, Nate Robinson, the diminutive Knicks guard is the second coming of MJ. Why does he seem to light it up against the Sixers? The game started out even. But the Sixers fell behind in the second period and never recovered. Nate Robinson torches them for 20 in a second half in which the Sixers struggled with their shooting percentage. When Iggy shoots 3-13 it seems we are going to struggle to keep up with teams. Reggie Evans was a bright spot, but if he's scoring 20 for us every nite ... we're in for a long season.

Just keep repeating to yourself ... it's only pre-season ... its only pre-season ... it's ...


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

LOL true, I remember when he made that buzzer beater at MSG

so what's your prediction on the upcoming season bro? how many wins? I say 31, what's your thought?

Rando said...

35, but don't ask me how.