Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Does KG's arrival really mean there's a new beast in the east?

C’s now a favorite topic: KG deal alters standing in East(Boston Herald) - You gotta hand it to Danny Ainge. Regardless of his past failures he keeps trying bold moves. The latest move to bring Kevin Garnett to Beantown is the boldest yet. KG has publicly rejected Boston's advances earlier. What's different now? Nothing as far as I can see. It seems that Minnesota just ran out of viable options and punted. Now Ainge has the C's faithful buzzing again. It appears they will be pre-season favorites to contend for the conference title. The Celtics, boasting 3 all-stars, have vaulted over the Sixers in the Atlantic division, right?

Not so fast. While KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are formidable players, there is an extreme drop off in talent beyond them. Ainge still hasn't addressed their most glaring weakness ... point guard. Who's gonna get the ball to these guys? Who's gonna do the dirty work. Someone's getting fewer touches this year. Which one of these guys is gonna sacrifice thier game? Is Ray Allen too old? Will Pierce share the spot light? Can Doc Rivers reverse the team's psychology of losing? These are all legitimate questions marks. Team chemistry is often over looked in these quick fix deals. I can't believe the basketball gods will sit by idle and let Ainge get away with this.

Do you think the Raptors are afraid of Kevin Garnett? Is it KG's team or Paul Perice's team? KG is an incredible talent, who has a penchant of coming up small when the game is on the line. Here's a bold prediction for ya ... the C's will struggle to make the playoffs let along contend for the conference finals.

Okay, what do I know. I'm a Sixers fan, right. Well who is better qualified to see that the emperor has no clothes. We've seen a lot of that around here. The quick fix that is. Now we are in a wait and see mode. We've tried everything else.

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

our analysises are very similar my friend...

I said second round and no further

also I don't care that much about what Celtics do as long as we go on (hopefully) in our LONG TERM plan :-)