Saturday, March 31, 2007

.. Time Reveals all things

If I hadn't been so busy I might feel ashamed of abandoning my blog for so long. But as Lennon said "Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans".

That's not to say I haven't been watchin the Sixers play lately. I just found little time to comment. I have been watchin the team's reaction since they came down from the high of the 7 game win streak a couple of weeks ago.

They would play Hawks, the Bulls, the Jazz, the Rockets, the Pistons and oh a trip to Miami after a tilt with the Bobcats. Not many easy games there. A record of 2-5 or 5-2 over that stretch would be revealing.

So what'd they do? They went 3-4. Unrevealing? Perhaps. One loss was to an amped up Hawks team when the Sixers could not match their energy. Another loss was a franchise low 124-74 drubbing by the Rockets. They sprinkled in a few unlikely victories over the Jazz (excellent play against Boozer) and the big 19 point comeback win over the Heat ... on the road ... on the second of a back to back. So they revealed they are an average team (which is above average in the East). Probably good enough to contend for the playoffs had they been given a full season. Worth watchin' anyway.

The playoff picture demystified. We can put the "P" word to bed. A glance at the conference standing reveals all.

Toronto (3) 40-32
New Jersey(8) 33-39
New York 31-41
Philadelphia 29-43
Boston 22-50
Detroit(1x) 46-26
Cleveland (2x)43-29
Chicago (5x) 43-30
Indiana 31-41
Milwaukee 25-46
Miami(4) 39-33
Washington (6)38-33
Orlando(7) 34-39
Charlotte 28-45
Atlanta 27-46
At 29-43 the 76ers have 10 games left they trail the Nets (in the 8th slot) by 4. They also trail the Knicks and the Pacers by 2. Sure they play both teams but they won't catch the Nets. I know colossal collapses are their forte, but lets keep it real.

Last year they finished 38-44. Not much chance of them goin' 10-0 to beat last years record. So we are not statistically better than last years squad. But their state of mind is better. And they have a shot at winning the 34 games Jon calculated ( aah predicted). I guess that's somethin' yet to be revealed.

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