Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bickerstaff won't return as coach

Bickerstaff won't return as coach of the Bobcats. Duh! What's taken them so long? Bernie is a nice guy, but he's no a winner. The Bobcats are loaded with young talent, have the smallest pay roll in the league and can't win. Its gotta be the GM/Coach. The Bobcats are a prime example why losing to get good draft picks is a prayer not a plan. Part owner Micheal Jordon says ... bye, bye Bernie.

In another NBA news wire story ... The Timberwolves have given Roman Catholic grad Eddie Griffin the boot. Here's hoping the kid gets some help. His career has been filled with nothing but trouble. Misconduct ... substance abuse ... domestic violence. I fell of my seat when I heard about the "inattentive driving after hitting a parked car" incident. (If you don't know you better asked somebody). I was amazed the T-wolves kept him after that.

This is the flip side of High School stars jumping to the NBA without college. There are few guarantees in life. The chance to get an education was one Eddie passed up. Now what does he have to fall back on?

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