Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sixers tumble in attempt to extend streak to 8

It was the kind of game only a mother could love. The Sixers stumble against Atlanta last nite. I can;t say I was surprised. They can;t win them all. But the Hawks pounded them on the offensive glass (17 O Boards) and out rebounded the 76ers 47-33. How responsibility is that? Mo had shorten his bench in the last few games. I hope he realizes that now. I think he may have been romanced by the streak and the "p" word a bit. Sweet Lou got minutes after sittin' the last few games. 20 minutes total because of extended garbage time. I think he had been getting 12 minutes per game He made good of the time in front of his home town crowd with a career high 13 points. Rod Carney was showing some hops last nite (15 ts). It looks like he's ready to assume Willie Green's spot in the starting line-up. Willie is spent. No way you can win games with him trying to shoot out of a slump. Carney's gotta be the starter tonite.

Teh76ers are 1 game down in the two week span of 7 games. The gave away one of the winnable ones. The Bulls are next. The 2nd of a back to back game. The Sixers are at the disadvantage this time. Lets see how far they have progressed.

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