Saturday, March 10, 2007

76ers Rout Lakers for 6th Straight Win

76ers Rout Lakers for 6th Straight Win | The Sixers 1st sellout of the season. 20,577 fans. Hey it was the Lakers game. What'd you expect? For as long as I can remember its has been THE 'must see' game of the season. Kobe Bryant's return to Philly just spices it up a little. The conflicted mix of fans of which some come to cheer the Upper Merion native and others come to jeer the self-centered, wife cheatin', dirty playin', stinkin', jerk. But for many its the "Lakers Game". The 76ers opponent in the their last two finals appearances. Its the Hollywood "Show time" attitude that rubs this blue collar town the wrong way. There's only one home game a year. The place will be rockin'.

The 76ers were the hot team comin' in. Winning 5 straight. Chillin' on this 6 game home stand. Lookin' for the sweep. A goal that Iggy said they would shoot for, but 4-2 was more realistic. But the nay sayers chimed in ... Its the Lakers ... Kobe will be smoking hot after his second suspension this season. Indeed that appeared to be the case. Kobe and the Lakers got off to a great start and led at half-time 57-51.

Call me crazy, but the game was never in doubt. Yea Kobe started off hot, but the Sixers where really focused on him. The Laker have been awash in injuries to key players. The Sixers were certainly the more talented than this band of misfits . The Laker were playin' over their heads in the final game of a four game road trip. The lead could not last.

The Sixers took charge in the 3rd period. Iggy was AMAZING! I'm not sure which move I liked better; (1) the behind the back reverse dunk in front on a defender or (2) the behind that back pass to Sammy on a drive to the basket. He drove to the basket hard and often. But you never know if its gonna be the pull-up jumper, the deft pass or the acrobatic finish at the rim. It makes him impossible to defend and incredible to watch. The box score line reads 45 minutes, 31 points, 3-3 from 3 point range, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Now the hype is more about the playoffs than the number one pick. The 'P' word is just that ... hype. The Sixers are on the road tonite against the Pacers for a reality check. But as luck would have it, Jermaine O'neal is out for this game. Win or lose ... the Sixers are worth watching these days.

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