Thursday, March 08, 2007

Triple Double Man lifts Sixers to Fifth Straight

Sixers Win Fifth Straight thanks to the triple double man. The game was kind of subdued to be honest. Almost like it was scripted. Everyone expected them to win. The Sonics had played the nite before. Winning a game they probably should not have. The Knicks Marbury missed a game deciding free throw in the final seconds.

As planned, the Sixers jumped out on the Sonics early. Paced by Steven Hunter who scored 11 of his 13 points in the 1st period. They led 33-23 after 1 period. The Sixers played the front runner for the remainder of the game. But losing every quarter thereafter. So they never pulled away and it was rarely close enough to be exciting. I pretty much sat on my hands most of the game like the rest of the sparse Wednesday nite crowd.

Like I said it was scripted ... kind of like a mediocre movie. You think you may have seen it before, but you're watchin' anyway. The Sonics seemed to be just playing their part. At the most critical time of the game,with the scored tied at 89 in the final seconds, Ray Allen misses a free throw! He's an 88% career free throw shooter. Allowing the Sixers to go for the win but settle for overtime took all the drama out of Joe Smith's bucket.

The basketball gods took back the game he gave the Sonics the nite before. Sixers Win!

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