Saturday, February 24, 2007

There's No "D" in "Sixers"

There's No "D" in "Sixers". A fact that was clearly on display last nite in the 76ers 102-87 loss to the Bobcats. They couldn't stop anybody. Charlotte shot 51% from the floor. It's no coincidence that poor play by Samuel "No D" Dalembert accompanies these "No" defensive outings. His numbers last nite: 28 Minutes, 6 points on 2-6 shooting, 4 fouls, 8 rebound, 2 blocks. I'm ready for Dr K's Frankenstein experiment to end. It's an off-season imperative that the 76ers make moves to secure defense presence and rebounding for the future. Sammy just ain't cutting it.

Pair Sammy's poor play with the rough patch Iggy is going through right now and the Sixers don't have a shot to win games. But looking on the brighter side, the Bobcat's are on a 4 game win streak (Brevin Knight makes them a much better team) have pulled 4 games ahead of the Sixers with 22 wins. The Sixers play the second of back to back road games tonite in Milwaukee. They can solidify their hold on the 3rd lottery slot with a loss to the 19-37 Bucks. Tonite is one of those games where the schedule conspires against you. You have to give the edge to the Bucks with the Sixers looking ahead to a home game against the Kings. However, this foreseeable loss would be a great character win for Mo's squad. Hey ... hold on a minute ... I was beginning to take this too seriously ... its Saturday ... I should have something better to do.

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