Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nothin' new ....

So I didn't manage to catch the Bucks game last nite. Lets check the box score to see if what's new ... maybe I missed something.

Hmmm ... The Sixers lost 90-109. Nothin' new there. That was a 19 point spread and the second straight game their opponents scored over 100. Iggy scored 22 maybe that slump is over. Oh my, 20 turnovers. That could have help the cause much. The Bucks made 48% of the 3 point attempts. Thats not good.

Well I guess I didn't miss anything. I heard the Sixers are snowed-in in Milwaukee. Hope that make it back in time for the Monday note game against the Kings. Maybe some home cookin' and a weak opponent will do them some good.

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