Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sixers get a break from All Star Week-End Clown Show

kimmeeMeet the Philadelphia 76ers sole representative in Vegas at this week-end's All Star Extravaganza; Kimmie Gipson, elected to this years All-Star Dance Team. Okay maybe that's not technically true. There is some guy playin' in the wheelchair classic, but Kimme is much better lookin' (call it poetic license).

Like the TNT half-time show ... All Star Week-end has become a bit of a clown show.
Tim Hardaway tipped of the show with his brainless comments about gays. Which I'm sure ESPN will milk for everything its worth (John Amaechi's book is published by ESPN).

The Rookie game was awful. Just a bunch of guys (most you've never heard of) running up and down the floor trying to dunk the ball. I've see better fundamentals in a pee-wee game. And the Slam Dunk contest ... I think I will pass this year after the mockery that was made of it last year with the crowning of Nate Robinson over Iggy. Then there's side show race between sir Charles and referee Dick Bavetta. Shoot me now.

The All-Star Game used to be a big deal. Now you got guys sayin' they're being disrespected 'cause they're not on the team or they weren't voted in. 'Mello gets suspended 1/3 of the season for a sucker punch but is an all star. Gilbert Arenas is whining about how his first appearance was long over due. Give me a break. Why wasn't he on the All Star team before? You have to look no further than his boast that he'd score 50 on the Blazers ('cause head coach Nate McMillan was an assistant on the Olympic team that dissed 'em). Arenas scored 9 points that nite ... 9.

When did this happen? When did the All-Star game become such a clown show? Sour grapes perhaps, but I don't think so.


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