Monday, February 19, 2007

NBA All-Star Game ... Snap, Crackle , but no POP!

What a dud! The play was un-inspired. The commentary self-serving. The game was never in doubt. Setting records for scoring has little meaning against token defense. East head coach Eddie Jordon was quoted as saying that he wasn't sure 'he belonged there'. Trust me Eddie 'you didn't'. The players appeared to enjoyed it. Why not they had a free week-end in Sin City. Full of swag and ____ (you can fill in the blanks yourself). Everyone knows Las Vegas is beggin' for an NBA team. So no extravagance was spared. (I have to say I was a little spooked when I saw Wayne Newton).

Fast forward to a year from now. The game will be in New Orleans. Next year the Hornets are being forced to play more than the hand full of games they played this year. The arena stinks! Selling out the Super Dome for 8 Saints' games is one thing. 40+ b-ball games is another. To top it all off the game is usually scheduled near the start of Mardi Gras. Ohh ... this is gonna be good.

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