Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clippers Win 1st in Philly in 11 Years

Clippers Win 1st in Philly in 11 Years | That would be since March 10th 1996. The Sixers were 18-64 that season and Jerry Stackhouse was the teams leading scorer. They went on to draft AI in the draft that year. How's that for an omen.

Anyway, that was a pretty good game last nite. I had forgotten how entertaining team basketball could be. Good teams win close games. That's how they become good teams. The Sixers got another recitation in how to be a good team. After man handling the Bobcats on Wednesday a dose of reality was a good thing.

Meanwhile, The Celts lost their 17th straight game in spite of the return of Paul Pierce. They now have the leagues worst losing of 23 (single season) squarely in their sights. Six out of their next seven games are on the road against west coast teams. The players are shameful. Head coach Doc Rivers hangs his head in despair. He will be fired next year. Sure as the sun will come up in the mornin'. Boston's management can hardly hold back their excitement. Celtic pride no longer exists. It's hard to believe that the basketball gods would reward all this with the #1 pick.

I gotta keep reminding myself that its still a crap shoot. It's been years since the worst team got the #1 pick.

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