Monday, February 12, 2007

Sixers out paced by the Mavs

Well ... what did you expect? The Sixers couldn't hang with the Dallas Mavericks. They went to the finals last year. They play defense .... every play. They have players who can score ... every starter can score (and some guys off the bench). Going into this game the Sixers were 17-34 ... the Mavs 41-9 (they started the season with 5 losses).

The Sixers lost 89-106. Down by as many as 30. There were no moral victories here. Just the stone cold truth about how far there is to go. Iggy did have some sweet dunks in the game however. I'm mean really sweet.

Stackhouse puts blame on Brown
. Tom Moore writes in the Philly Burbs that Jerry Stackhouse says that AI wasn't the problem, but Larry Brown. He wasn't ready to have someone screaming at him all the time. 10 years later an older and wiser Stackhouse is content being a role player on a really good team and having a shot at a ring. Asked if the rebuilding mode the Sixers are in today reminds him of their predicament when he was here, Stackhouse said, “No. They have a plan now.”

Don't be hatin' Jerry. BTW, the last year of the Iverson/Stackhouse duo the Sixers won 18 games.

Meanwhile, the Celts lose a team record 18th straight game. But John Smallwood reminds me not to worry. The Sixers can't possible win enough games to make the playoffs. Even in the Atlantic. The Raptors are clicking now and likely run away with the division.

Man that was a sweet slam dunk Iggy had.

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