Wednesday, January 24, 2007

76ers Embarrass Cavs in Double-Overtime

Iggy was the MAN in the 76ers Double-Overtime Win.This was arguable the Sixers best game of the season. Not just because they beat a winning team. Because they looked like a team. Because they won two games in a row (back 2 back). Because they had 6 guys in double figures. They also defended Lebron James well. Sammy had 10 & 20 (Boards & Points). The rookie Carney scored 18 on efficient 7-10 shooting. They made free throws when it counted (the Cavs downfall). Even sweet Lou Williams played 10 quality minutes. He spelled Miller instead of Ollie.

I know what you saying out there. Yeah But ... they need to lose those games! Well they can't lose them all. Mo played the young players exclusively. That's what you've been clambering for. You can't be upset if they learn how to win.

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