Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sixers Win another game at Home

Sixers 102 Hornets 96 - It got a little ragged at the end but the 76ers hang on to post a W. This was a winnable game. The Hornets are a sub 500 team on the road and missing their star player (Chris Paul). The Sixers sprinted out to a lead and maintained it though out the game. The twin towers line-up was working again. Rod Carney stepped in for an injured Willie Green. I haven't seen the numbers, but I would venture to guess it was a pretty good defensive effort. Perhaps the team is beginning to develop a personality.

Next on the Schedule "The Lebrons"! A home and home series with the Eastern conference leading Cleavland Cavaliers (man that sounds odd to say).

Just a brief comment of the firing of T-wolves head coach Dwane Casey. Like any pro sport. The head coach is the 1st to blame when the team is not winning. You can't fire the players. But Casey was there only two seasons and despite their activity on draft day, The T-wolves didn't give him much to play with. It's KG and Randy Foye (who's still learning the pro game). There had to be something personal here. They brought in his replacement (Randy Wittman) in the off season. Then fire him while he was still in contention for the playoffs! Sure they're in the second tier of western teams, but 20 wins is only 4 games off the pace in the east. Tell me how that makes sense.

The coaching carousel is twirling at full tilt now. Mo Cheeks name has been tossed around more often lately. Particularly since Mr. Snider, in a recent TV interview, did not rule out Larry Brown coaching for the Sixers again . Cheeks is in a really tough position. He doesn't have the players to make the play-offs. Nobody expects his team to win. If Casey can be fired with a winning record ... what chance does he have?

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