Monday, December 18, 2006

The dumb and the restless

Have you caught the latest local soap opera ... "The Dumb and the Restless" starring Allen Iverson, the Sixers and the media circus this whole trade debacle has become. There's lotsa talking by everyone about the "imminent" trade of AI, but there's nothing actually happening. Nothin' stirs the media market like no real news. That means they just have to make up crap.

Fillin the blanks ... AI 's going to _____ for ____, which make sense because _____ and that. Every nite there's a story on the evening news that nothing has changed, but here's latest rumor; AI and Korver are going to the Clippers for ... The media in city's where AI may potentially land also have the fever. Floating rumors to point of distraction for their local teams.

The Blogspehere chatter is a rehash of this summer's trade 'em/don't trade 'em debate. Many say good riddance or about time, others rail against the Sixers for not doing this or that. The die hard AI fans are sad and the player haters are glad. But what is there to blog about that we haven't done already?

I heard Jim Rome blabbering on the radio about how insane it is for the Sixers to be getting advice from Larry Brown. Like he didn't know that Larry and Billy are friends. Like they don't talk all the time. Like perhaps Billy King could make the right decision if he wasn't talking to Larry. LOL. That would presume he actually was capable of making the right decision.

So now Billy Kings comes out to proclaim "I'm no sucker" . He's in no hurry. He's gonna make the move that's right for the franchise. What does he care that their already low attendance number have fallen even lower. What does he care about alienating the season ticket fan based. What does he care about paying AI to sit at home while the rest of the team plays short handed and gets out gunned every nite. Why should he be in a hurry? He's no sucker. He's only the general manager.

Next, Stephen A joins the day time drama with his crazy suggestion that the Sixers and AI kiss and make up. That AI should be put back into the line-up. I say kiss this Mr. Smith! (insert inappropriate gesture here). This dog won't hunt anymore. Not after the circus this has become. For you to suggest there might be any good that comes from this is cruel. You have been infected by the hysteria.

Wake up!

To those Sixers still playing every nite ....

Hey guys .... there's nobody coming to save you! There will be no white knight that will swoop in and save your season. It is already doomed! There will be no bright spot in the future to look forward to . The AI deal will stink, when ever it comes. You will still be in salary cap hell. You will still be playing for a bad team (this is not a dream sequence). You need to wake up and learn the lesson the Spurs gave you Saturday nite. That it takes more than talent to win at this level and its the details that make the difference.

Wake me when it's over. I'll be watching college basketball so I can figure out who our number one pick next year will be.

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