Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iverson Goes to the Denver Nuggets

The ink isn't dry yet, but the deal is done. Iverson is going to Denver. Thank goodness this ordeal is over. It appears to be a good deal for AI. Denver's a team that could use that veteran superstar to get them over the hump. The other superstar, yellow Melo, plays a different position. Denver coach, George Karl's and Larry Brown are friends. I'm sure time will tell what that has to do with anything.

For the Sixers, its reported they will receive Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two 1st round draft picks. I think Miller is overrated and Joe Smith is the original Mr. Softee. But Miller's gotta be better than Kevin Ollie and Smith was a number one draft pick. For now we'll overlook the fact that Smith has been traded a godzilllion times. Overtime we can judge this trade against past superstar trades. The Sixers getting Jeff Hornacek, Andrew Lang and Tim Perry for Charles Barkley in 1992. And the Sixers trade of Wilt Chamberlain to the Lakers in 1968 for Jerry Chambers, Archie Clark and Darrall Imhoff. How hard is it to beat that?

As for myself, I am happy AI went to the western conference. The specter of being torched by 'em 4 times a season was giving me indigestion. But I'm sure die hard Iverson fans are bummed for that very same reason. Well at least they know what jersey to buy before Christmas.

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Rick Mariano Jr. said...

I agree totally Iverson going to the West is definitely a great relief. He tends to conjure up that special something when he really wants to play. We can be sure he will do that the next time the Nuggets are in town.

PS- I would buy an Iverson Nuggets jersey