Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iverson already gone from the team's pregame highlight reel

I was at the game Monday nite and the 1st thing we all noticed was that Iverson was already gone from the team's pre-game highlight reel. Somebody has been working overtime to remove any hint that AI was still a member of the team. But his conspicuous absence on the court could not be removed. It showed in the Sixers play. Heck the TrailBazers play even seemed sympathetic. The arena was near empty. Not that a game on a Monday nite packs 'em in anyway, but the place seems hollow. The applause was polite, but not sincere. The cheers easily fused with the jeers. The chairman joined his bride so late at court side in the second half, I had to wonder why he showed up at all. Many fans didn't bother. The ones that did politely cheered them on when the stage a charge at the end. But few seemed surprised at the outcome.

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