Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who's the Nicest Guy in the NBA

Who's the Nicest Guy in the NBA? Don Rosen (a purveyor of lists for FoxSports.com) has created his list of the all-time NBA "nice guys". Would it surprise any of you Sixers fans to hear that Julius Erving was at the head of the list? Julius "Dr. J" Erving and Earl "The Perl" Monroe were the two nicest guys in the NBA according to Rosen. One player you may not have thought of was Darryl Dawkins (the original chocolate Thunder). Some may only remember Darryl as the guy who busted 2 backboards (Dawkins was the inspiration for the collapsible rim). But he's also known as one with an incredible sense of humor. Double D is now the head coach of the USBL Pennsylvania ValleyDawgs. Rosen defined "Nice Guy" as "a player who is grateful for the lifestyle that his talents have produced; who is mindful of the feelings and needs of others; who takes full responsibility for his actions, both positive and negative; who is confident without being arrogant; and who doesn't assume a phony persona when the media spotlight is focused on him."

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