Sunday, October 22, 2006

Basketball Season is coming ... do you care?

Basketball Season is coming ... do you care? Well if you're from Philly the answer is no. First and foremost, this is a FOOTBALL town. When the Eagles are in contention (and perhaps when they're not), the sports thermometer in Philadelphia rises and falls with the Eagles. So Philly's lack of interest in basketball is not a shocker here. Traditionally, the Sixers and Flyers have a month or more before anyone notices their season's have started.

I hear plenty of people say, "Pro Basketball has gone down hill". I think that's a little disingenuous. Did you see the NBA playoffs last year? Did you see D. Wade set a record for 30 point games in the finals. Did you see the amazing rodeo ride of the Dallas Mavs. Did you miss that Suns vs Mavs playoff shoot-out? How about the Clippers going deep in the playoffs? Neither the Spurs or the Pistons (both pre-season favorites) made the finals. NBA basketball is a solid product. It's not your Michael Jordon's NBA. It has moved on. There are many exciting players ... world wide exposure. And last year displayed that element of sports that fuels popularity. The feeling that any one can win it in a given year.

Unless of course you live here in Philly. Here, if the Sixers are not doing well, BASKETBALL SUXS. In Philly they are predicting another poor year for the Sixers. With no blockbuster trades, draft picks or free agent signings the off-season did little to change that perspective. Billy King must feel secure at his job or is it that he wants to show us how smart he is. He wants to roll out the same team that could not guard a midget in a phone booth last year and hope they will improve. So he can say "I told you so".

Basketball Season is coming ... Whether or not we care. Philly just won't notice it until after Thanksgiving.

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