Friday, September 08, 2006

Could Henderson be the missing link

Without fanfare, the Sixers signed 11 year veteran free agent Alan Henderson. I don't recall seeing the former Cav on the list of free agents to watch. But after you pass Ben Wallace the list wasn't that hot anyway. So little fanfare would be warranted by any free agent signing.

So do you think Billy has been reading the papers? Henderson sounds like the answer to the criticism about the Sixers poor interior defense, lack of veterans in the locker room like Aaron Mckie, and lack of character guys. The Sixers also signed rookie free agent Ivan McFarlin (played in France last year). More interior 'D'?

Okay, so now Billy can say he did something. Not exactly cleaning house, but I got no real problem with the signing. But I want to see how he's gonna sell it to the Philly faithful.

Yawn ...

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