Friday, August 11, 2006

What happened this week in Sixers-ville?

I have been out of touch this week. So I have scoured the papers for news of Billy K's furious restructuring of the 76ers. Let's take a look at the Sixers roster as of Aug. 9th;
AI and C.Webb are still on the team. Willie Green is back. At center we have Steven Hunter and Sammy Dalembert. At guard, Andre Iguodala (Mr. potential), Kevin Ollie, and Sweet Lou Williams. At forward, there are a couple of promising rookies Rodney Carney and Bobby Jones, K Squared, Shavlik Randolph ... Michael Bradley has flown the coup for Spain.

Impressive ... huh? I was thinking the Sixers would make some kind of trade to take advantage of that 4 million dollar trade exception for the Marc Jackson deal, but the 76ers' trade exception expired this week.

So, what's up with the extreme make-over? Billy maintains he's not gonna make a deal just to make a deal. He's not gonna be played for a sucker ... but you have to do something, right. Can you sell this team to fans without doing something considered extreme. You can't say that about the off-season so far. Even by the low standards of a homer like me.

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