Sunday, August 13, 2006

Carmelo, Team USA bounce back against Lithuania

I just wanted to follow up on the perilous journey of USA Basketball thru the Basketball World Championships or as the media seems to thinks of it as the "chronicles of Carmelo". Carmelo Anthony has emerged as the pulse of the USA squad.

The US beat Lithuania soundly 111-88 on 19 points from Mello (oh, and that D Wade guy scored 14). Much has been made recently of Anthony's knee injury and whether the USA could recover from the near lose to Brazil. I'm thinking ... what kind of insurance do the Nuggets have? With stiffer competition and the up tempo in your face style that coach K is preaching. Somebody's gonna get hurt. If you recall, in the last World Championships Mavericks owner refused to pay the insurance for his players. I for one am glad AI is not playing. He started the next season all banged up and never seemed rested.

The exhibition warm-up games are almost over the FIBA World Championship Aug. 19-Sept. 3.

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