Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brazil Gives U.S. Trouble

USA basketball won a close exhibition match-up vs Brazil 90-86 in the China Basketball Challenge. The Brazilian team features no less that 3 NBA players and gave pause to everyone who thought coach K had the answer after two blow-outs against sub-par competition in the 1st two games.

This game was not televised. But I did see the China game on ESPN. China hanged in for about a 25¢ before they were subjugated by the US' defensive pressure. Clearly not enough talent. It was nice to see a game with some team play, hustle, and none of that walk it up and back 'em down in the paint stuff. Kinda like college ball.

But the US team looked sloppy and the rest of the world is no longer intimidated. Brazil showed us this won't be a cake walk this year. Maybe that will make the FIBA championships worth watching. The play of China did not.

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