Sunday, June 25, 2006

Will the ghost of draft days past continue to haunt the Sixers?

Nobody is as busy as Billy King these days. This Wednesday we will begin to see the fruits of is labor to make good on his promise to ... "Do whatever its take" ... to make this franchise competitive.

In an insert for this article in today's paper, Joe Juliano relives some of the Sixers most infamous draft day blunders. No I don't mean Shawn Bradley. I meant to say most infamous draft day trades.
#1 was a no brainer ... the '86 trade of Moses. ... o'boy that one still stings a little.
#2 was the '88 draft day swap of Charles Smith for Hersey Hawkins. This pales in comparison to the Malone trade and I'm not so sure we didn't get the better part of that trade.
#3 was the '03 moves to bag Willie Green (No. 41) and Kyle Korver (No. 51) for a No. 50 pick and some cash. That was some good GM work by King. The jury is still out as to whether is was great GM work by King.
#4 was the '97 trade of Keith Van Horn (No. 2) and Lucious Harris, Michael Cage, and Don McLean to New Jersey for 'Novas' Tim Thomas (No. 7), Anthony Parker (No. 21), Jim Jackson and Eric Montross. This was a masterful exercise in pass the trash in which the Brown/King brain trust unloaded a boat load of mediocre players with long term contracts.
#5 was the '02 trade of Speedy Claxton to San Antonio that netted Johnny Salmons (No. 26) and Randy Holcomb (No. 57). I think Joe was reachin' with this one. Speedy wasn't really missed and Johnny isn't really welcomed (at least by many fans).

Billy King was notably a part of 3 out of the 5 trades mentioned. Needless to say he needs to do a lot better. Whatever is takes, right?

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