Sunday, June 25, 2006

The NBA Goes Global

Just in case you were wondering. I did not bail out on basketball the minute the Sixers season ended. I just didn't wannna talk about it. I must say that this years playoffs was one of the best ever. There was some amazing games ... amazing plays ... amazing players. The old guard is still waiting for the next Jordan. The future isn't about one man; one superman. It's about a cadre of players with incredible skills and styles as varied as the multi-cultured world we live in. That's the future. The games' gotta go global and this years playoffs is a signal that its on its way.

To see 2 teams with less that 20 years history square off for the first time in the finals was refreshing. To see Pat Riley win was not. I said he was a fraud and wouldn't win it all this year. I was wrong ... he did win it all.

It will never be like the Jordan era again, but if you had to pick a Superman ... Dwayne Wade does a pretty good impression.

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