Thursday, June 29, 2006

What'sa Thabo Sefolosha anyway ... some kinda salad?

Thabo Sefolosha? I don't know any who will tell they where excited when they heard that announced as the Sixers 13th pick.

My temperature came down after hearing the Sixers would be swapping with the Bulls at 16. I am not disappointed with the Rod Carney pick. As I have said, there are no "no brainers" in this draft. I was happy they drafted based on need. I did not want to see us draft another guard. No offense to Randy Foye, whom the Sixers coveted, but that 4 guard offense won't cut it in the NBA. It's just a gimmick that won't beat Miami, Detroit, or Indiana.

The fact that the Sixers picked up 3 forwards last nite gives us a good indication of where Billy King's head is at. more ...

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