Sunday, March 19, 2006

Allen Iverson’s Injuries may be the last straw for Sixers' Season

AI's injuries are the stuff of legend. Giving him the moniker of the best 'pound for pound' players in the NBA, 'EVER'! It has never been a question of whether Allen will get injured during the season. It's only a question of when. Just as likely, the barometer of the Sixers season is measured on how well his teammates play when he is out of the lineup. AI's sprained ankle, in a freak accident in Memphis (why do those camera guys need to sit so close to the edge, isn't that why they have those big lenses), could not have come at a worse time. With the Sixers struggling to hold on to a playoff berth. Losers of the last 6 out of 7 games. That elusive .500 mark they have been bobbing around all season may be out of reach.

Allen Iverson'?s Injuries (NBA.COM)

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