Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Inquirer ranked among nation's top sports sections

Come on Philly sports fans. What do you think? Is the Inky sports page one of the best? The writers seem to applaud our passion as much as they deride us for our naivete. What 'bout the brass Stephen A. Smith? The smooth dressing scribe turn TV star. Is he hip to the sports scene or just hype? I have commented in the past that Stephen A has phoned it in at times.

Is David Aldridge really the NBA lapdog he appears to be. I don't think anyone questions the clear headed voice of Don McKee. But what about Phil Sheridan? Since Bill Lyons' departure has the sports page been insightful ... provocative ... or are they simply repeating the message of the day being floating into the ether on the zillon outlets for sports media today?

From my view, there is a bit of 'me too' journalism from the Inquirer. But I do a bit of traveling for my living and I read the sports section. For my money, the Inky is one of the best. Maybe we take that for granted?

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/19/2006 | The Inquirer ranked among nation's top sports sections

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