Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slumping Sixers fall to Pistons, lose 10th in 12

The game was quite close for a time, but never in doubt. Wow, Detroit has such a solid team! They haven't had any major injuries this year. They have started the same team throughout this season. Even a guy named flip could coach this team and win.

On the flip side, no-one could coach the Sixers and expect to win. They are the antithesis of the Pistons. Mo can only wonder where it will end. My friends have asked me if I am ready to start rooting for a lottery pick. To hope the Sixers fall out of the 8th play-off spot. It doesn't look like it makes much difference to Mo ... maybe it doesn't.

Recap [ESPN] From the 700 Level - Sixers close to getting balls

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