Monday, May 16, 2005

Sixers Season a Success?

I know many of you have been wondering about my silence in the play-offs this year ... Well don't worry, I have not committed suicide because the Sixers lost to the Pistons. A little thing called life has gotten in the way. I will be back soon with the full analysis of the season and the projections for next year.

So what do ya think? Did the Sixers have a good year? Even the most jaded fan would have to admit that making the play-offs was much better than the previous season. What about you losers who wanted the Sixers to tank the season to get a 1st round draft pick? You won't be happy until the top ten draftees become superstars and you can say I told ya so. Fat chance of that happening.

So stay tuned ... The Sixers final report card is coming. With each Sixer's grade we'll talk about where they will be next year. We might talk about whatz happening in the NBA playoffs. No surprises so far ... Come now, that Boston team collapse is not a surprise. Nor was the Wizards win over the Bulls. The Wiz and da Bulls made the playoffs after years of bad teams. They're playing with house money.

As for the current series ... I see the Pistons and the Heat in the east and the Suns and the Spurs in the west. Like I said ... no surprises.

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ChFree said...

Well, yes, it was a loong season for the Sixers. I was glad that they made the playoffs although I was hoping that they would be matched up against Boston. I just hope they keep the team together for next year. I hope they keep Sam Dalembert, Willie Green, and Kyle Korver. What are your thoughts on the recent Chris Webber, AI news???