Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sixers Spank Hawks, AI gets 4th Scoring Title, Next stop Detroit

AI wins 4th League scoring title after a cameo appearance in the first quarter against the Hawks, in which he scored 16 points before being rested for the remainder of the nite. AI finishes the season with a 30.7 ppg average. There's an old saying that you are the company you keep. If that's so what does this say about Allen; the only players ever to win 4 or more scoring titles are Wilt, the Iceman and MJ (yes this company is so distinguished we don't need to list their full names). 'nuff said 'bout dat.

Some folks were hoping that the Bulls would prevail over the Pacers last nite. A Bulls win would have meant the 6th seed for the 76ers and a date with Boston. But that was wishful fan thinking. There's not much of a chance the Pacers would lose on Reggie Miller's final regular season game after 18 years. Beside when was the last time the Bulls did us any favors. Wasn't it the Bulls that cost Philly home court advantage the last time they went to the finals?

So, Detriot is the next stop. The play-offs hasn't started yet and the cliches about its intensity are already getting old. Coach OB's post game press conference was all about how the regular season performance doesn't matter. "Throw it down the drain". The Sixers are running TV promotions about "The Play-Offs". Sports talking heads are talking about the Piston's defensive intensity .... think about it ... do you know anyone more intense on the basketball court than Allen Iverson?


That Dude said...

I have a bet with a co worker who is a Pistons fan. Loser has to put a bumper sticker of the winning team on their car. Since it is an 8-1 shot the Sixers win, I only have to do it for a month if I lose, but if the Sixers win he has to do it for 8 months.

Marando said...

I'm thinking that maybe its not such a bad deal to have a Sixers bumper sticker for 8 months if you live in Philly, but to live here with a Pistons bumber sticker for a month would be cruel ... so here's hoping you win.

matt curtis said...

Where have you been? Now that the season is over, I'm just wondering on your thoughts on what the Sixers should do about next year and free agency.