Tuesday, May 24, 2005

O'Brien fired; Cheeks returns to coach Sixers

O'Brien fired; Cheeks returns to coach Sixers I can't say that this was a surprise. I was certainly unhappy with Coach OB's performance this year. Some players expressed their displeasure. But nothin' was heard from Billy King until yesterday. O'Brien couldn't (or more succinctly "wouldn't") adjust to the situation at hand. It was one thing to have a plan. It is quite another to stick with when the situation changes. As friend of mine put it best, "there's a reason the tenure at his last job was so short".

King and the Sixers organization continue to make the statement that they are about winning a championship, not just about having a good team. Three head coaches in three years is a testament to that. It would have been easy to say that O'Brien won 10 more games (than last year), he made the play-off, AI had perhaps his best year as a pro, lets give 'em another year. But King was not havin it. I tip my hat to him.

I think Larry Brown showed us that the right coach can make a difference in the NBA. The 64,000 dollar question is; Which coach is right for the Sixers? After 3 coaches in 3 years, is Cheeks the right one. I don't know, but he appears to have been the best available.

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