Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sixers secure Postseason Berth after one year hiatus

The Sixers are in the postseason! What a difference a day makes. Sunday evening's contest against the Nets was no contest at all. The Sixers showed the wear and tear of a long season and an intense schedule down the stretch for the postseason. Iverson was the only player with energy. But his 33 point dominance over the Nets D was not enough to overcome the first quarter turn-overs and Vince Carter. The Sixers fell to the Nets 104 to 83 in their 1st chance to lockdown a play off spot.

But Monday was a new day ... Another team ... another opportunity. Enter the Bucks. A team the Sixers has averaged over 100 points against. A team AI has averaged 40+ points against. A team without their star, Michael Redd. Can you say stone cold mortal lock!

The Sixers did not disappoint. They scored 36 in the first period. They scored 34 in the second and lead 70-50 at the half. The second half was the laugher it was drawn up to be. AI sliced the bucks up for 39 points and 12 assists.76ers 122 Bucks 106.

Andre Igoudala treated the fans to more high five slappin' dunks. The Sixers announced that Wednesday's game will feature a highlight reel of Iggy's 10 best dunks of the season. Without a doubt they were back in the edit room today. On an errant pass that left two buck players staring at each other, Iggy streaked down the court on a break away and wound up for an spectacular windmill dunk. But my favorite was the dunk over a Buck defender underneath the basket from nearly a standstill!

The Sixers are part of the second season again.
Few give them a chance in the first round. But you can't win it if your not in it. Lets go Sixers.

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matt curtis said...

hopefully the Sixers win tomorrow and Indiana loses giving us a 6 seed. However, I feel we have a chance against anybody.