Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hey, What'd I miss?

Can you believe it! I had the misfortune to be out of town this past week. What did I miss? I was still in the eastern time zone (barley), but you can't image what NBA coverage is like outside of this area. You'd think the Suns, Spurs and Nuggets are the only teams playin'. Okay, So maybe the battle for the Western Conference title is exciting, but what about my Sixers?

I had to fall back to second hand accounts from the Internet and the box scores. So What happened in that Boston game. Why didn't we sweep'em and put them on notice in the Atlantic division! What did the box score say - Boston 105 76ers 98 Looks like they jumped out to a quick lead in the first quarter, 30 points. Nice! Ten point lead at the half. Nice! Looks the K² pulled out of his slump. He scored 17 points (5 three pointers). Nice! How could we lose to Boston? AI seemed to be on his game with 28 points and 11 assists. So what happened! Whoa ... Now I see it. The Celts shot 49 free throws! How does that happened. They were 40-49 and the Sixers only attempted 30. Ricky Davis got 10 of his 16 from the charity stripe. It looks like every Celtic that played shot free throws. We where robbed!

Watching the Sixers play-off chances is like a bout with schizophrenia. Filled with manic highs and lows. The up coming game against the Miami Heat looked to be a low. So what happened in that game. 76ers 126 Heat 119 OT - Are you kidding me? The Sixers outscore Miami by 7 in OT. Eye witnesses say that Iggy set the tone in OT with two more of his high flyin' dunks. The return of Shaq did not help the Heat (13 points, 3-11 FTM). A career high 48 points from D.Wade did not help the Heat. They have little to play for at this point in the season, but they have been stumbling as of late. Earlier in the season, I went on record to say that the Heat and Shaq are overrated. Their record would appear to indicate that I was wrong. But time will tell. Some are hoping the Sixers avoid Miami by locking down the 7th play-off spot. But haven't we beat them twice at home already?

I'm stepping on to a plane when the friday nite game with the Pacers is about to start. No chance to catch this one at home. I am circling Philly air space as the game ends. So, what happened? Sixers 90 Pacers 86 - that's fantastic! This has to be our hottest winning streak of the season. AI smokes them for 43 points. C.Webb scores 21. Nice! The Pacers are emasculated without Jermaine O'Neal. Reggie Miller's farewell tour is coming at the right time. He just doesn't have it anymore. The Sixers have sweep Indiana this year. Gone are they days when they were the spectre awaiting Philly in the play-offs.

One more win and the Sixers are in the play-offs. Wow, I missed a lot this week.

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