Monday, May 07, 2012

That was a heck of a weekend for Sixers fans

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It was a big weekend for Philly sports fans; Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies were all in action and playing simultaneously at times. I had little time to reflect after attending the Sixers playoff games on Friday and Sunday. I did manage to  squeeze in a little Cinco De Mayo celebration on Saturday.

It’s early for the Phillies. Nobody is jumping off a bridge because they went 1-2 versus the NATs over the week-end. But the Flyers is a different story. At the start of last week there was talk (just talk) of both the Sixers and the Flyers making it to their respective conference finals. Now we’re talking about the Sixers post season continuing longer than the Flyers. What a difference a week makes.

That’s why sports is not played out on paper. Sh*t happens … people get hurt, penalties (rightly/wrongly) get called, mistakes happens, people step up. All of these things happens to Philly sports teams. It’s why we watch. It’s why I wondered done to the WTF despite the haters who where still not convinced the Sixers could hold a 3-1 lead on the Bulls this morning.

… despite the injuries … despite the convincing win in Game 2 … despite the incredibly exciting slugfest Friday nite … there were still haters out there that were convinced the Bulls would be returning to the United Center Tuesday with the series tied.

What’s up with that?

Right now, you don’t watch the Sixers because they are a contender for the NBA title. You watch them to see them make the next steps. To see is them grow. To see if they can win a slugfest and comeback from a fourth quarter deficit. To see BOSS games by Jrue Holiday with the step 3 pointer to gut an opponent. To see the kid ET grow into the role of the GUY. And he was that GUY this week-end. Turner was the  GUY putting up a lot of shots, grab boards and play tenacious D.

And I guess you watch to figure out what the heck is going on with Spencer Hawes. He was Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jeykle and then Superman on Friday. Then clearly amped on Sunday. He was playing at a different speed than everyone else. He was makin’ hilite reel passes that no one was ready for, but still had the sweet stroke going.    Heck he dunked the ball a few times instead of putting it up soft as he is often criticized for. Is he a hero or a head case? Would you sign ‘em again?

Heck, I will be watching Tuesday nite to see yet another growth spurt. Can this Sixers squad win the closeout game? Can they be killa?

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