Sunday, March 04, 2012

Big Mac or History?

This week wasn’t so bad here in Sixers Nation. The Detroit game was a big relief. The Sixers routed them 97-68 on the road. The five game losing streak really tested our faith. Waiting until after the All Star break extended the torture. The possibility of another road loss still loomed large despite the Sixers recent dominance over the motor city boys.

The win gave us a moment to exhale. Sure the same weaknesses were there, but the confidence the Sixers could beat a lesser opponent was back.

So I bounced down the WFC for the Thunder game with a lighter step. Few gave the Sixers a chance to win, but we all hoped they could. The west coast conference leader would be a signature win. Some called for the perfect game just to have a chance. But in reality only a normal day at the office or the #NightShift was needed. The loss in the final minutes brought back all the old ghosts of close games past. There were some fans around me that left that game visibly angered that the Sixers did not win. A few vocalized their displeasure towards coach, players or the team in general. I left thinking to myself. THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A BASKETBALL GAME. If you are a fan of basketball it was a great game to watch. That’s all you can really ask for If you’re paying to see it in person.

The Warriors game was the second nite of great crowds at the WFC. Wednesday nite was electric. And the fanfare and hoopla over the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlains 100 point game had the place all a buzz. We were all full of nostalgia as they recanted the Bill Campbell’s radio broadcast before the game started and flashed Wilt stats through out the game to attest to his legacy.

The Warrior did their part by keeping the game completive for a few quarters, but the Sixers 3rd quarter rush gave the crowd a quiet confidence of victory. We were all smiles to start the fourth period. Wilt had only 69 points to start that final period. The Sixers needed 25 points to equal Wilt’s final total. When it got close I noticed a sign held up by a member of the revolution;

WILT = Big Mac

When the Sixers had 97 points the significance of it all was clear to everyone, including the players. Lou Williams was jacking threes just to hit the number squarely. #FreeBigMacs, They surpassed the number. It would have been neat to finish the game with exactly 100 points, but the 105 was good enough. On the ride home someone on the radio posed a question I had not considered; “Do you keep the ticket as a souvenir or do you cash it in for a Big Mac?”.  Oh you gotta keep the ticket my friend says. I agreed, but the next day I pondered it again.

Big Mac or History?

Sorry dog. I already have a 2x2 inch piece of the floor from the game. I was hungry and that Big Mac was good.

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