Friday, February 17, 2012

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Ride

My flight has been delayed several hours. It’s late. The airport is so quiet I can hear my foot steps tapping the floor as I search for the rental counter. The young lady behind it looked both happy and relieved to see me. I am the last rental of the evening. Then she informs me ”I’m sorry sir but the car you order in not available. Do you mind if we upgrade your vehicle?”  I accept the kind offer without a thought. I don’t  bother to ask what make of car it is.

I walk out to the slot number on the keys (E-6) and there it was. A brand spankin’ new 2012 Cadillac Escalade. It was Silver with Ebony leather trim. This is not so bad I’m thinking. I step in and turn the keys. A banging sound system comes to life and I roll it off the lot. At first there was a lot going on. It was so big but it was fast. You could tell how fly it looked because of the way others where looking at you. Then I started to get used to. Yeah, it’s was nice. I had 100 miles ahead of me. No reason to worry about how the journey would end. “Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride”.

Yes, that was a dream but it aptly describes my “76ers” experience this season.

It started on on a dim note. The NBA lock-out. The normal start of the season came and went. Before you know it Christmas was coming! But then it was all over and the hustle began to start playin’ ball by the end of the year. There were things to do. Training camp, sign Thaddeus Young, get the rookies sign. etc.

After pre-season games against the Wizards,  I don’t know what to expect. Like walkin’ to slot number E-6 without knowing what awaits. Was it a caddy or Yugo? Were they that good or where the Wizards that bad?  By the time the Sixers return from the 1st road trip I’m thinking maybe we got a winner here? After a few blow-out wins in January, I thinking we really got something here. Like that bangin stero that started up after I turned the key.

I started to become accustom to the winning. I know the Sixers are better than the pundits are giving them credit for. Yeah, it feels good behind the wheel. The Sixers beat a few winning teams. Yeah, that’s right … others begin to notice the Sixers. This is a nice feeling.

Don’t talk to me about superstars. I don’t care if we can’t beat Miami or Orlando. I don’t care if you don’t think a team like this can win a championship. What? Worry about Boston or New York catching us. Please, stop the noise! The Sixers are a damn good team. Too good to not make the play-off. Probably good enough to win the Atlantic division. I have 100 miles of basketball joy ahead. I’m not gonna trip about anything they say. I’m no going to worry about the journey’s end. I’m gonna …

Sit back, Relax, and enjoy the ride.

You should do the same.


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