Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sixers drop 1st game in Portland

Common sense tells me that the Sixers can’t win them all. Logic tells me that they would probably not win Monday nite against the Blazers. But I’d be lying if you told I didn’t expect them to pull out the game. Because the team I have come to love does not give up. Rarely do they fold like a cheap tent. Instead they just keep plugging away and something good happens.

Well I guess something good did happen, but it was just short of a win. The barrage of 3 pointers in the fourth when down by 15 was really good. But They just dug too much of a whole fueled by 20 turnovers. Jrue Holiday committed 6 turnovers! Much to many for your floor leader. He just did not seem himself. I kept waiting for him to take charge in the 2nd half. But it never came. Not what I was expecting from him either.

But I’m  going to keep a positive attitude. They made the game completive. Let see about a win in Phoenix.

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