Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malik Rose joins Sixers broadcast team on Comcast SportsNet

I missed the announcement the other day about Malik Rose doing color for Sixers broadcasts this year. As a Drexel Alum Malik has a special place in my heart. I remember watching him in College. Everyone knew that he was special. If you to went to game at the DAC (Drexel Athletic Center)  back then you’d see rows of students with skull caps on emulating Malik’s bald head. No one was surprised to see him go on to be a 13 year NBA veteran.

Malik did a good job. He started off a bit nervous. But struck a good balance between critical analysis and cheerleading. You may have noticed the awe the Wizards announcer had when he made note of Malik’s NBA championship ring ( He has 2 with the Spurs). So I guess that’s why Malik let ‘em slide when he referred to a cheesesteak as a “Steak n Cheese” and thought a “Steak with or without” meant what kind of cheese you wanted.Eye rolling smile

Malik Rose, Welcome back.

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