Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sixers in a blowout 4 fifth straight win

The Sixers beat Timberwolves for fifth straight win. Yes, a 5 game win streak. The 76ers finally broke thru the 3 win ceiling (Friday, 101-94 over NOH) that has plagued them all season and went on to win their 4th (Sat. 102-95 over Rockets) and now their 5th straight game over the T-wolves.

A blowout over the Timberwolves (119-97) … Priceless after that total collapse the Sixers had against them on MLK day. I’m a little disappointed that I opted out of the game last nite. I can’t remember the last time I saw a blow-out in person.

I know what some are saying. Why try to win. Everyone knows I hate tanking games. Even while I’ll admit that lottery luck is the swiftest path to contention. I just don’t believe the lottery is lucky every year. If that were true the Clippers would have a few rings by now.

No I’m not sold on John Wall. Does he have the make up of a star NBA player? Yes! Will he be a superstar top 5 draft pick on par with LeBron, Duncan, Robinson, Jordon, Magic? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say …. Nope! 

Besides, have you seen how bad some the teams behind us are? The Nets have 4 wins … 4! They’re in sight of the worst record EVER (9 wins). Then there’s Washington (17), Indiana & Detroit (18), and New York (19). That’s just the eastern conference. There are 4 more teams in the west with worst records than Philly. You are kidding yourself if you like those odds.

Better to have the #1 draft pick for one of those teams. That’s how the Lakers got Magic. 

Yes, at 20-31 the Sixers are 11 games under 500. But the eastern conference stinks. Forget the 5 teams behind us. The bottom 3 teams in the playoffs each has only 25 wins. That’s only 5 games. I’m just doing the math here.

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