Friday, January 29, 2010

Lakers gear on Sale at the Sixers Game?

So I was part of the sellout crowd tonight at the Wach center to see the annual Sixers vs Lakers game. Even if the Sixers don't win (and that was not likely) it's always a good show. Tonite was no different. AI and Kobe put on a show in the 3rd period. Iverson had his best game of the season and Kobe was the Black Mambia. But the Sixers found another way to lose. This time it was turnovers (20). I hear the game was followed by another round of ridiculous statements from coach Eddie Jordon. It doesn't bother me anymore.

I didn't mind the loads of Lakers fans at the game either. Hey they are the world champs. They are leading the western conference and as some genius on WIP proclaimed "That Kobe guys is pretty good".

No, what bothered me was to see Lakers gear ... Yes, Lakers gear proudly on display and for sale at the Wachovia Center. Pardon me but isn't that sacrilege! You don't sell the opposing teams gear. Even if your team stinks. Even if that team is the world champion.

How low can they go? How desperate has this organization become? Have they no pride?

Has the ranks of the faithful fallen off so much that they see salvation in fair weather and front runner fans? Perhaps they should just open a Dick's Sporting goods store.

I'm appalled!

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