Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I dunno what to think

Seriously … I dunno what to think.

"See no  evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil". "If we do not hear, see, or speak of how bad the Sixers are, then they can’t be bad.” Right? See%20no%20Evil%20Speak%20no%20Evil%20Hear%20no%20Evil_J8XeuxrXZ6GM[1]

But I was at the Utah debacle last Friday nite. It was disgusting. It was so bad  they had fans pining for Toney Dileo’s return.

Say what you will about last years team … no superstar, can’t shoot, can’t defend .. what have you. That team brought it every nite. They were often overmatched but rarely blown out (the same could be said for Mo Cheeks squad). But this years model has been blown-out 3 times in the first 2 weeks.


That’s all I could say after the loss. “I dunno what to think” when reminded about the Bulls game Saturday nite. Against my better judgment … I watched game. They didn’t get blown-out, but they didn’t win either.


And we lose Mo Speights to boot. As much as the Sixers did not want to talk about it. It can no longer be ignored. The EB experiment aint working. And with Speights out for 6 weeks there are no easy alternatives. Somethin' has gotta give.

So there are rumors about a Dalembert trade in the works. Nothing new about that. But who thought they would start out like this.

Even without Mo Speights the line-up will change tomorrow nite. The word on the street is that the Sixers will play more small ball.


I can see how bad things are going.

I can speak about how bad things are.

I can hear all the bad things going on.

But it has only been 10 games! Remain calm … who am I kidding … I dunno what to think.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for the artist who made the design of the three monkeys. Do you know who it is?


Please reply on frk@louisealbers.dk

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't know. I usually try to give props to the original author. But this just came up in a google image search.