Saturday, October 31, 2009

I feel better after the Bucks win at home

I was happy to see the Sixers hold off Bucks in the home opener last nite. The shaky start against the Magic had my stomach turning. I know you can’t put too much stock into any one game. Even if its the 1st game of the season. But it was the way they lost. It was F-ugly.

I know the media has been talking a lot about the new Princeton offense that Edie Jordon brings to the table. But for his part, Jordon did a lot of talking about defense. So when the defense looked Sooo Baaad on Wednesday nite ... well it was really uncomfortable.

Not taking anything away from the reigning conference champs, but the broadcasters were talking like Jason "White Chocolate" Williams was the second coming on MJ. I

t was bad defense. Pure and simply. So I feel a lot better after the win over the Bucks. It was nice to win a home opener. We haven't done that for a couple of years. Still there's a drop-off when Jordon goes to the bench. He's still working on how's gonna get minutes.

We have to give ‘ema dozen games to establish a routine. I’m trying to stay calm.

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