Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome back Rod Carney

With training camp fast approaching the 76ers resign Rodney Carney. This should come as a surprise to nobody. The Sixers have said as much for sometime now. And if you’re like me you don’t have a problem with it. But it doesn’t make you jump with glee either.

Rod is what he is. He fits the up tempo Sixers style but needed to work on the three point shot. He increased his 3 point field goal percentage a bit last year with the T’wolves (.350 up from .317 his last year with the Sixers). If he continues to improve  he will get more playing time.

Just like when he left.

Hmm … looks like some folks are gonna get some more mileage out of that Rodney Carney jersey they bought a couple of years back.

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