Monday, August 31, 2009

Contemplating Samuel

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Contemplating Samuel Dalembert this coming season. The ball stalking enigma that is the 76ers starting center. Some people love ‘em … some people hate ‘em. Me? I love ‘em when I’m not hating ‘em.

Trade ‘em has been a frequent refrain though out his career here in Philly. Indeed Sammy has insisted on it (at times) and the Sixers have tried (at times),  but the task has been easier said than done.

His contract is the root of this frustration. For the fans; “he’s not worth the money” and for the GM “We can’t trade ‘em because of the money”. "Rockets pass on Dalembert" 7/7/09, a $3.8 million dollar trade kicker on top of a nearly $12 million dollar a year contract makes it difficult. BTW we can’t thank you enough for that contract Billy King.

To be fair the modern definition of a true center has evolved over the years. Phil Barnett’s article in TalkHoops.netThe De-Evolution of the Center” is a few years old but still very relevant. “Today’s center position has been re-defined by up-tempo offenses and small ball”. By that definition, Sammy’s skills should be coveted.
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But everybody wants to be the ‘golden child’, not the down and dirty muddler. Sammy needs to understand that it takes both types to make a team truly successful. That it is not the accolades that give you self-worth. It’s truly about … yourself … that gives you self worth.  Forget about the contract for a moment! If he could just play defense, block shots, and rebound (consistently). Samuel Dalembert would be a valuable asset to ANY team.

So what’s it gonna be Samuel. If you really want out of Philly you can give up the 15% trade clause. If you really want to stay you can grow a thicker skin and just get down to ballin’. You are not Kevin Garnett … You are not Shaquille O’Neal … you are not some phenomenal hybrid of the two. You have two years left on your current “toxic” contract … it’s time to be down.

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